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"I was 2 years clean.
You even stopped invading my dreams.
For the first time in months,
I could breathe.
Your cigarette smoke wasn’t caught up in my lungs.
And your bittersweet taste finally faded from my tongue.
But right when I remembered how to smile again..
You begged me to let you back in-
And I did. The burning embers in your eyes convinced me to relapse so into your soul of glass, my fragile body collapsed; Now here we are, months down the line and I still can’t separate the truth from the lies. “I love you” is my favorite puzzle but there’s always pieces missing.. Like how you bit forever into my thighs but was gone before I could bruise; Or how you said you didn’t need me, yet I still feel used.
Or how I could hate you as much as I love you.
When you come back again, because you always do, I swear this time, I’m not breaking for you."